One dozen, uncut paper doll books which contain one paper doll with stand, seven punch-out outfits, and each doll‘s own story. Each doll and its outfit represent the following cultures: Little African American Girl, Dana - outfits include: going fishing, heritage, ballet, Sunday school and more. Little Caribbean Girl, Nyla- outfits include: Guadaloupe, Trinidad, Tobago, Port of Spain outfits and more. Little Woodlands Indian Girl, Nellie - outfits include: Mohawk, Chippawa, Ottawa outfits and more. Little Indian Girl, Susie - outfits include: Arapaho, Pawnee, Navajo, and more. Little Chinese Girl, ChenChen - outfits include: Traditional day dress, work clothes, Straw raincoat and hat, and more. Little Hispanic Girl, Elena - outfits include: Majorette, denim duo, heritage day costume, and more. Little Southwest Indian Girl, Josie - outfits include: Apache coming of age, Zuni Olla Maiden costumes and more. Little Italian Girl, Marie - outfits include: Merano and Sardinia costumes, and more. Little Spanish Girl, Ana - outfits include: Granada and Madrid costumes, and more. Little Mexican Girl, Carmen - outfits include: Tehuantepec, Flower Festival; Mexico City, Fete of St. Anthony costumes and more. Little Southeast Indian Girl, Mattie - outfits include: Cherokee, Quapaw, Seminole, and more. The Little Plains Indian Girl, Janey - outfits include: Osage, Blackfoot, Crow and more. These 5-inch dolls, their stories, and costumes can be used to teach racial diversity, enhance cultural awareness, to diversity a paper doll collection or for just plain old fun. There is no reserve so bid with confidence and to win! Key words: paper dolls, black paper doll, multicultural doll, Hispanic doll, Native American doll, Indian doll, Italian doll, Asian doll, Chinese doll. Please check out my other listings by clicking the "view seller's other auctions" link, above.

Acquired through Ebay April 2002 $15.00