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RE: Dolls and International Day Elizabeth-

THANK YOU so much for your beautiful dolls! I put them in the Display Case on Monday, and they have been receiving so many compliments! We very much appreciate you lending them to us for display. I hope you have an opportunity to come by the school and see them, and our other Int'l Days displays in the hallway and cafeteria in the next few days. Thank you again!!


Becky Evans

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I put together a group in a small carrying bag.I included the Judd books on international dolls...one for each of the three regions of the world. She actualy includes a lot of information about the countires themselves and you can see most of the dolls in her books.

Included Morroco.. A water carrier...their most distinctive doll Man on a camel

Woman wtih marks on her fact Italy

Can't find the gondolier..I have some better examples, but these are a lot of women some with maps on their aprons


Nanny with dog


2 soldiers

Lass from the north company with a box that tells where she is from and has a recipe on it Henry VIII...Actually I have all 6 of his wives and a paper doll book ...but this is a bit much for first graders. They can justknow hw was a king along time ago


My favories.

Note the drop spindle

I guess I had not realized how delicate they really but assume you all will take care of them. Eden has them and can get them to you or leave them at Fernbank.

So glad to put a use to this compulsive hobby.

Good luck with International Day


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