Acquired September 2001

Similar to dolls in Holz How-to-book of International Dolls, p81, identified as Jon Thompson doll, with long descripton, and Frame. Folk and Foreign Costume Dolls, p. 64. "silk clothes, all cloth doll sewn on arm and legs, painted features,No marks. 1977. 18.00"


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You asked about our mom's doll collection... At first, the dolls she had had been hers and her childrens, some she inherited from a friend who collected.  In the mid-1940s, she owned a ceramics studio where she made figurines and a couple dolls.  She was an accomplished artist with a masters degree in art, and she used to teach art to middle school grades before the present family business was started in 1947.

 Several of her dolls were ones she made herself, out of papier mache, ceramics, or clay. Mom really started to purchase in earnest after her husband passed away in 1985.  She used to say that the dolls kept her company.  After his death, she travelled extensively to Europe, China and the Orient, and went to doll shows here in Reno and wherever she happened to travel, she would always pick up at least a couple dolls.  One trip to Europe was a "Doll Tour" -- she went to see factories and studios where dolls were made, and to a Doll Museum in Germany.   

Before she moved in with us, my mother-in-law, Marjorie Crumrine, had her doll collection spread out all over her house - every available surface of her 3 bedroom home was covered with doll displays!

 She had a small table where she would eat and do her paperwork, and one couch to sit on.  

Everywhere else, DOLLS!!  When we built our present home, we added a 'wing' on for her to live with us, and built a cathedral ceiling-ed "Doll Room" with shelving all around the four walls, up four and five rows to 2 1/2 feet below the ceiling.  Still, in some places the dolls were two and three deep!

Although she didn't lend out her dolls for display, she was always willing to hostess  'tours' of her home for anyone who showed the slightest bit of interest!  My youngest daughter was a big fan, and she could always be counted on to bring her little friends over to see 'Grandma's dolls".  My husband (her son), on the other hand, always lamented that she didn't collect something more worthwhile, like antique guns!  

After Mom passed away in 1998, various relatives would come by and pick out special ones to keep that reminded them of her.

 We still had over 300 left when we decided to sell them on eBay, as we are planning on moving to a smaller house now that she is no longer with us.

Thank you for your interest.  It has been nice for me to take the time and think about what a precious woman my mother-in-law was.  She never had a bad word to say about anyone, and she was one of the most gracious ladies I ever had the chance to know.



New Life Center: Commercial site. Dolls about $30.00 each
Mask doll sold on Ebay:
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Dolls from Thailand from the Mary Miller Doll Museum in Brunswick, GA November 2, 2001. The dolls from Vietnam can be seen below.

Acquired on Ebay April 2002

I qcquired these dolls as a group of 8 Asian dolls on Ebay April 2002. They are very similar to the dolls in the Brunswick museum pictured here.

Suwit Suthamtha

"My name is Suwit Suthamtha. I was born in 1957, in the district of Sankampaeng. I come from a poor farming family, an when I was young, my brothers and I had to work in the fields everyday, which is why I left school in fourth grade. I never returned to school and wanted to become a salesman, but not the kind of salesman you can imagine. A big merchant from the city market offered me the opportunity to sell something - I had to sell it up high in the mountains. I had to walk up hills, through forests and brave wild animals and disease - all of this just to sell mosquito netting! "But I had to do it at the time. It was my job and it offered me opportunities. When I went to the hill tribe villages I observed their clothes differed amongst tribes. These colorful clothes were always hand-woven, I love them because I have loved to weave ever since I was a child. My mother taught me how to sew and how to chose fibers and colors. The hill tribes clothes were not of good quality but have good style. When I saw tourists come and take pictures of themselves next to the traditional attires used for ceremonies or when entertaining guests, it made me think why don't I try making them myself and sell a lot? "So, when returned to my home town, I quickly began to think how I could do this, but sadly, the hill tribes' clothes have been sold for a long time in Chiangmai city, at the Night Bazaar market. I began to think about the dolls, as if they were the real thing - it might work. The doll would be a scaled down version of the real thing as I had seen it, so I started making them and learning from them too. I used different materials and kept trying until I got the right materials, ceramic, cotton, and kapok seeds for filling. The main structure is done with wire so that it may move freely. I wanted hard set arms and legs and found the answer in ceramics. I learned a lot from books and from a person working at a ceramic factory. I experimented on how much time a piece would need and the right kiln temperature. And I invested all my money and my future in this works. "This way, I can sell my dolls and provide some information about them based on my experience. I love this job very much. And I'm the first man to make these traditional dolls in Thailand. Now I have my own small workshop with five or six workers who are skilful and I always teach them. I have been married for 15 years and have 3 daughters. I want in the future that my handcraft will stay to preserve my idea. Surely, I'll teach all I know to my daughters too. This is my inheritance to them and I would like them to continue with it."

Acqiored through Ebay, sold by Novica, about 40.00 with postage. April 2002