There are examples of Syrian dolls in the books by Frame and the Judd team. There is an article in the magazine Dolls, Susan Hedrick, photographs by Charles Backus "Worldwide Travel from the Heart,Lost and Found the Rediscovery of Three Important Cloth Dollmakers" Dolls 16 (8) 86-90 December 1997, describing and giving examples of dolls by Baronne Sandra Beiling's needle scuplted dolls of Syrian men and women. She used Syrian women to costume her dolls.


Virtual museum webpage witih good example of a doll from Syria:
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Purchased on Ebay February 2002. $15.00 and postage. Seller wrote:Female ethnic Syrian doll, six inches tall, body made of clay/porcelain. The bottom of the original box states: 'Semiramis Hotel, Atrin's Book Shop, Damascus, Syria' I have had this doll since I was 14-just about 35 years, was bought at an international Christmas gift sale.