CENTER> Purchased as part of a lot (22 for $30.00) April 2003. Seller said that none were less than 40 years old.
The doll on the left is a Beibe doll which I acquired October 2001. I have several and think they are lovely. The Ebay seller is British.

This Doll is made up of Reeds and String and she is dressed in National Costume from the Balleric Islands. She is carring a basket and is dressed in a hat and black shawl, a dress and what looks like a large pinnifore. She stands 10" or just under 26cms high

Purchased from seller from Slough, Berkshire UK

I purchased him in a lot from a UK dealer in 2001

Purchased from US seller for 15.00 on Ebay seller

16” doll of Marco dressed as Christopher Columbus for the school play. He was sculpted and designed by artist Vincent J. DeFilippo as part of the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the new world for the World Gallery in 1992. He is officially licensed product of the Sociedad Estatal Quinto Centenario of Spain, which is the official commission of the government of Spain for the 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of America. He is # 550 of a limited edition of 2500 dolls worldwide. He is in mint in box condition with his original box & “Certificate of Authenticity”. He is dressed as Christopher Columbus would have been. He has dark brown hair and eyes. He carries a map of the new world tied with a red ribbon. Also included is a print of the doll and his story.


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