This is an assortment of dolls from Peru that I have purchased from Ebay during 2002
Doll is cloth covered, straw filled. Not sure of age but have been told it is very old.Doll is 10" tall. Similar to Pre-Inca reporoductions on page 253 or the How-to Book of International Dolls by Soretta Holz (1980) Purchased on Ebay October 2000

Cloth dolls

Cloth Dolls from Peru:
These are some of the 47 cloth dolls I purchased in 2003 on Ebay

Offered for sale on Ebay March 2003>

Madam Alexander doll offered for sale on Ebay March 2003

Barbie international doll offered for sale on Ebay March 2003

Peru dolls

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Chancay Cloth Doll:
Chancay doll:
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