Purchased on Ebay Oct 2003 $25.00

Seller from Canada

Made in 1979 wearing the country's traditional item of clothing. The doll is in Excellent condition. The wooden stand she stands on has a few minor scratches but if you polish it you can't even see them. She's wearing what is called a "Suit" and it is a lime green colour with a gold coloured threading contouring the fabric. The jewellery around her neck and head is made out of metal and there are beads also in there. Many colours such as; blue, red, green, silver and gold. Her face is perfectly made-very sharp looking. This doll measures almost 13 inches high and with the stand it measures 13 1/2 inches high.


Acquired September 2001

woman, blue top and pants with silver decoration

ew21@gateway.net Laura johnson 27 Ann St Westhaven Connecticut 06518

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