Celluloid doll acquired from the UK through Ebay March 2002

This is a links page to my international dolls links: I am trying to have photographs from every country in the world. This is under constant revision.

These were sold by a UK vendor and cost about $10.00

Acquired through ebay April 2002. They look very similar to an American made pair that my parents received as a wedding present and that an appraiser later said were very good examples. They have since been broken, but I plan to have them fixed and added to this page.

I purchased this doll in September 2003 as part of a pair from an English Ebay vendor for $5.00 with shipping. She came with a male mate.


Lovely Netherlands dolls from Karen's World:
Marlaine Verhelst - Netherlands doll artist: One of a kind fantasy dolls and marionettes made of porcelain
Netherlands dolls by a collector: She purchased them on Ebay

I purchased these from a colleague who was selling them for a friend. They may go back two generations in one family. They are about 9 inches tall, and of a hard claylike substance. Their clothes are felt.