Received this doll February 2002 from M. Ruble

Vila la Sousta

1288 des /brkesgyets

Antibes France> $10.00 and postage, from Ebay.

He wrote on his Ebay page

Antiques from Provence

I love going to villages flea markets in Provence and to look for dolls, toys, lace and all sorts of antique things of the region. I bargain with the vendors and learn about all these things I buy. It is fun and addictive. I go almost every Sunday in search of treasures. Sometimes, the rain puts an end to all this open air activity. You can shop from my listings things that you could only get here, in France. I usually get very good prices when I buy at the flea markets and I can sell my goods to you for the same price or even cheaper that you would pay if you had come here and gone to the open air antique markets of Provence. "

Purchased on Ebay March 2002


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