I do not have any dolls from Madagascar. There is a black and white photograph of a doll from the Sakslave tribe, cloth, brown face, black hair with a smilar baby on her back. Yellow cloth wrapped in white linen. 8 1/2 inches high. "Tucked up inside this dolls is a letter with a long list of signatures. Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford" in Dolls of the World by Gwen White (1962) page 74.

While the Lemurdoll is really the Madagascar souvenir/naitonal doll, and there are few if any human souvinir dolls associated with this island country, dolls play an important part in Madagascar's creation legend.

This is the web page http://www.wwatching.net/cgi-bin/pgsrvr.cgi/cgi_stubs/legends/origin

This is the story

At least two stories come from Madagascar regarding the beginning

Three People

The creator made two men and a woman who wandered the earth each not knowing the other existed. The first man carved a statue, out of wood, of a girl. The second man fell in love with the statue. The girl took it home and had the creator give it life. They all became jealous and wanted the statue for themselves. The creator settled the dispute by declaring the first man and the women to be the mother and father. The statue was the daughter who was given to the second man. From these couples all humans have descended.

Earth and the Creator

The creator was watching his daughter, the earth, making dolls out of clay. He began talking with his daughter about the dolls. He then breathed life into the dolls and they became humans. The humans later forgot about their creator..com/Wellesley/Garden/5787/MA/samer_ocean_africa.html

I do not own this doll. Offered for sale on Ebay Oct 2003

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Madagascar creation legend: The creator was watching his daughter, the earth, making dolls out of clay