I have dolls from Macedonia. I will add their photographs later. This is a links page to my international dolls links: I am trying to have photographs from every country in the world. This is under constant revision. Contact me at echristian@webtv.net if you have additional information about these dolls or would like to include photographs of your own dolls.

Fainges Encyclopedia of Regional Dolls of the World describes dolls of Macednona on page 93. Pictures of two women dolls.

The Dolls “Macedonians” – Presenters of Macedonian Folklore Ethnology :

(Dnevnik, 9.05.2002) - With a lot of fantasy, creativity and hard work, Marijana Stojkovska has been creating and presenting miniature folk outfits for dolls from the rich Macedonian folklore for more than three years. She makes outfits from 11 regions in Macedonia and she is the only one who has certificates from the Museum of Macedonia for the authenticity of the original outfits.


Purchased on Ebay Oct 2003 as part of a lot of 14 for $25.00

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