Doll I acquired as a group of 8 on Ebay April 2002

Doll acquired on Ebay March 2003
Purchased as part of a lot (22 for $30.00) April 2003. Seller said that none were less than 40 years old

Purchased from an English Ebay vendor for $5.00 including shipping September 2003


Portrait Dolls of Boys' Day:
Jade Friendship Doll Association:
Photo of doll with red hats: Sold on Ebay. I have a similar doll
Web page with extensive amont of information on Japanese dolls.:
Commercial site: Dolls less than $50.00 Good selection
Yokohoma Doll Museum: Approximately 850 dolls representing folk cultures of 137 countries are

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Dolls of the World

I have just begun this page to share information about my own new international doll collection and to organize data about dolls of the world.

Contribute to my page, please. I set out to add a penpal from every country in the world several years ago, just as I am now aiming for a complete survey of dolls from every country. If you have a favorite memory of a souvenir doll please share and I will incorporate your comments under the appropriate country.

To me this is a way to travel the world without leaving home, though in fact it seems to be leading to plans for a trip around the world in my future.

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