This is a doll purchased on Ebay in 2001. The seller said a friend from Iran sent it to her. It is very well made.

Purchased as part of a lot on Ebay in 2003. I am not sure that it is from Iran. It is very well made.


Example of a doll offered for sale on Ebay in October 2001: The original owner said it was send to her from a friend in Iran
Two dolls, man and woman offered on Ebay October 2001:
Unidentified doll offered for sale on Ebay October 2001: May be Iranian.Socks with separate toe
A good Iranian travel site:
Dolls (Man, woman) offered for sale on Ebay fall 2001:
Sara and her friend, culturally correct Muslim dolls:
Search engines Iran:

I do not own these dolls. They were offered for sale on Ebay September 2002 with this comment:

"This Doll is 18 inches tall and Comes with 2 sets of FULL clothiing. It is totally moveble. The auction is for one doll, at the end of auction you may choose dara or sara. Dara and Sara Dara and Sara are Iranian. They are twins and eight years old. Their mother is a housewife. She is their best advisor and helps them out in their troubles. Their father works in Iran Cultural Heritage Organization . Therefore they have the chance to travel to different parts of Iran with their father, see the sightseeing, know the tradition, wear the customs and learn about that region. Dara and Sara live in an old garden house. There is a small pool in the middle of the yard with lots of gold fish. They also have a hen and chicks and a cat. Their cat is naughty, so they have to take a good care of the chicks and the fish. Sara likes science very much and sometimes carries out experiments in their basement. She is very good at sports. She is a fan of football and plays table tennis. She wishes to became a teacher when she grows up. Dara is also a fan of football, but he also likes wrestling. He is an adventurous boy, sometimes Sara accompanies him and they go on missions! In his dreams he becomes an astronaut or an archeologist. It is fun to follow Dara and Sara's adventures. Sara and Dara dolls, their stories, audio cassettes are available in the market"

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This was a search run on Sara and Dara November 10, 2001. Hot topic at the time.

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