THIS WAS A COMMENT ON THE BID PAGE FROM THE SELLER If you would like to see a photo and description of this doll, go to the very old book, Dolls by Max Von Boehn, dated about 1935 It is available at a low price through Dover, and is currently being offered on eBay on CD. The figure is one of two from Indonesia ... the god and goddess of the sea and of its bounties, and is carried through the streets in pairs on palanquins, covered in flowers and offerings, during their special ceremonies. Sakti Ramulan and Dala Kaminu, if I remember correctly. The heads, hands and feet are carved of sandalwood, and the bodies of old chinese coins laced together. The doll, or religious figure, comes in two versions. The oneyou have is a flat figure. Another is a three-dimensional figure on an intricately carved heavy wooden stand, with a somewhat more elaborate costume. The predominant place of origin is Java and Bali. There are more modern dolls and figures also being offered, and sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart. The technique is essentially the same."


Faines. The Encyclopedia of Regional Dolls of the World under Celeves (Sudawesi) "island lying eat of Borneo) The example here is identified as "pre 1940" p 30

Frame p. 60 pictures a similar doll and idenifes it as coming from Cambodia.


Photograph indonesian dolls from collection:

Two dolls from Bali from the Mary Miller Doll Museum, November 1, 2001, Brunswick, GA


A page about my doll exchanges with an Indonesian collector:

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