Acquired September 2001 Marks: tag "Hand made India. Rs P. ..previous own placed a 3.95 price on the back of the tag.

Example:Judd. African....Costumer Dolls. p. 83 #134."Snake Charmer kneeling, playing Indian flute-like instrument, blue vest, red print turban, plastic snake between two baskets [the one pictured here has two baskets. 1960 Marks: SERV??India $20-25" ]

PAIR of 8" HIGH DOLLS - This is a pair of lovely dolls depicting traditional East Indian Wedding attire - Each doll is mounted on a wooden block - MOVEABLE ARMS AT THE SHOULDER <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< This is a VERY DISTINCTIVE PAIR - LADY has all the bangles, necklaces, earings - beautiful FULL LENGTH SARI !!!!!!!!!!!! She has some damageto her left elbow - chipped - but itherwise she is in great condition!!!!!!! MAN has the beautiful gold brocade topcoat with white pants - red sash and turban plus traditional gold wrap to place over th Brides head........ VERY AUTHENTIC PAIR - HAND PAINTED FACES

Purchased through Ebay March 2002. $10.00 and postage

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