Purchased on Ebay spring 2001. The seller thought this might be a doll from Iceland but was not sure.

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Verifying the source of a doll I purchased on Ebay

From: MRL81896@aol.com Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 19:31:05 EDT Subject: Re: Thrilled to get the Iceland doll To: echristian@webtv.net

Elizabeth, Congratulations on winning this doll. I know that she came from Iceland. My cousin was in the Air Force and was stationed there for 2 years. He sent me this doll about 15 years ago when he was there. He also sent me dolls from Italy. I had them on ebay but got no bids on them. Helga has been in her container all these years. The container is a little scuffed from being moved , but the doll is in perfect shape. She also has her original papers that came with her. Please email your address and I will find out shipping. It should not be to much she is light weight.

Thanks, Angela