Acquired 2000

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This pair of 10 inch dolls come from Finland and are tagged with their maker's mark plus a Kimport label and a small cloth label sewn in their clothes which reads, "Keko Made In Finland". The round paper tag reads, "Martha- ABO- Martta- and, what I assume are the dolls names, Asikkala and Padasjokl. These dolls are in excellent, unplayed with condition and are dressed in their authentic, original clothes. The girl doll has a bisque shoulder head, bisque legs and shoes and bisque arms and hands. Her wig is mohair and her facial features and shoes have been hand painted. The boy doll is stuffed cloth except for his shoulder head which appears to be painted bisque oron. His hair is also painted. Both dolls are "Kimport" imports and have been packed away out of the light for many years

Offered for sale on Ebay March 2003


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