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Rare Costume Porcelain Doll in Estonian Traditional Dress early 20th century The face, head and hands of this doll made from the porcelain, hair made from the threads. Doll stands. It is wearing the traditional dress. The item has a museum quality. Each doll is unique. Brand new, excellent condition. It is 10' tall. This doll was hand made at the group of talented Russian artists and sculptors in St. Petersburg. The group was called "Amusing Handicrafts". The sculptors created forms for the dolls. The dresses are handmade and are exact copies of real costumes from different times and cultures. Currently, the "Amusing Handicrafts" collection has over 2500 different dolls.

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I have just begun this page to share information about my own new international doll collection and to organize data about dolls of the world.

Contribute to my page, please. I set out to add a penpal from every country in the world several years ago, just as I am now aiming for a complete survey of dolls from every country. If you have a favorite memory of a souvenir doll please share and I will incorporate your comments under the appropriate country.

To me this is a way to travel the world without leaving home, though in fact it seems to be leading to plans for a trip around the world in my future.

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