Muslim Girl. 7&1/2 inches tall. ----- This little doll was brought from Egypt some years ago. It is made of fabric, stuffed, and sewn. It seems to be of a young muslim girl, from the style of her clothing. She has a pink undergarment, a flowered dress, and a black shawl that wraps around her body like an apron. She has beads on her head garment at brow, beads around neck and a gold color medallion sewn on chest at bottom of necklace. She has a cloth face with painted features and her blue shoes have cardboard soles. ----- Condition: Item has very light wear. -----I purchased this doll on Ebay August 2000
These are two pairs of wooden dolls, one painted, the other not painted that I purchased as parts of lots of souvenir dolls on Ebay in 2002.

This was one of 10 dolls I purchased on Ebay May 2002 from an American seller. One of the lot was clearly Egyptian and another from Tunisia, and this was one of 8 that are made of yarn, with no lower limbs. It is probably Egyptian too

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Dolls in the Mary Miller Doll Museum, Brunswick, GA November 2, 2001