7 1/2" Danish Gudrun Drager Doll from Denmark. She still has her tag on her dress that reads : ( one side)- Gudrun/ Formby/ Danish Design/ Copenhagen - Denmark and on side two it reads Drager - Handwork. She is missing her shoes but has her panties and bonnet. She is jointed at her shoulders, legs, and head. She has sleepy eyes and wigged hair. She is in very good condition except for one minor flaw, she is missing her left arm, which could be easily replaced with any small doll push in arm part.

Purchased on Ebay September 2000

Denmark. The lady is 4" tall and the man is 4 1/4" tall. They have painted features and all original clothing. They have metal feet and hands.There is a little paint off the metal. The lady has wrapped legs. Circa 1930 Offered for sale on Ebay March 24 2006

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A Similar doll is pictured on page 27, illustration I11 60 in Dolls in Denmark by Pauline Luckey (1992)

{Purchase from a lady in Tunbridge Wells, London UK for $15.00 and postage, using Ebay, October 3, 2002.

A superb 10" celluloid costume doll from the old port city of K?ge on the island of Zealand in Denmark, with the marking 'JK K?GE' in a triangle on her back. She has jointed arms and legs and a beautiful face with deeply moulded curly blonde hair and dainty painted features.

She wears a much faded silvery grey (maybe once black) silky dress with matching bonnet which is trimmed with black lace and sequins and fastened with a huge white ribbon under her chin. Her lace trimmed apron is of a fine white silky material woven in a square pattern which has deteriorated in places and has pink ribbons hanging from the waistband. There is a matching shawl also trimmed with lace.

Underneath she wears a long white cotton petticoat with cotton knickers. She has red painted knee socks and black painted shoes. 90x33 Size:3K World Collectors Net

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I have just begun this page to share information about my own new international doll collection and to organize data about dolls of the world.

Contribute to my page, please. I set out to add a penpal from every country in the world several years ago, just as I am now aiming for a complete survey of dolls from every country. If you have a favorite memory of a souvenir doll please share and I will incorporate your comments under the appropriate country.

To me this is a way to travel the world without leaving home, though in fact it seems to be leading to plans for a trip around the world in my future.

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