Purchased through Ebay October 2001. There is a note on one of the dolls with the date 1959

Purchased from

BABEDOLLMGC@cs.com Margaret Cullinan 150 Chapel Lane Canfield, Ohio 44406

13.45 and shipping

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Purchased as part of a lot through Ebay March 2003. She is a "stockinette" doll and has a modified clip in the back of her headpiece. Her underwear is very elaborate. This dolls is similar to one pictured in The Encyclopedia of Regional Dolls of the World by Marjory Fainges and Fainges identifies that doll as from the period 1920-1930. My doll is not in perfect condition.

Acquired through Ebay March 2003


Offered for sale on Ebay October 2001:
Orisha Doll: Commercial site. Doll $35.00 cloth
Ceremic dolls: Josefinas Josefina , artist. Commercial site
Osain supplicating: Commercial site
Search engine that includes Cuba: muņeca is the Spanish word for doll.
Doll for sale - 35.00: Merino / Cuban Souvenir/ Made In Cuba. He is 4 1/2 inches tall with his costume over a wire body