Started Ends Seller (Rating) These are the most beautiful and strange magic puppets of Chiloe's island, in Chile. The women in the island makes its with her own hands weaving sheep's wool that herselfs shear, spin and darken in a very artesanal way. This puppets could be men, women or children, in very diferent sizes and everyone is unique (anyone is identical to other). It's a high rank gift between tourist beacuse its beauty and uncommonness, besides of its mythological meaning for the region. This popular belief has more than 200 years fixed in the culture of the island and had become part of the entire country, foreing communitys and tourist all over the world, specially for its positives results. Chiloe is an island located in the southest part of Chile, South America. The island if world famous because its magical tradition, its numerous leyends and its beauty. This one, its one of the most popular leyends: "An old chilota's leyend tells that this puppets atract good fortune for his owner, also has the power of make a dream come true if the owner had have a nice treaty with the puppet. And, if the puppet is given as a present to a loving person his (or her) love will turn to you in a very deboted way".

Acquired September 2001

Acquired through an Ebay purchase September 2001. The seller, a doll collecter herself said she was selling them for a 70 year old librarian who had traveled with her mother for many years and carefully identified these dolls.

MINT. I present for auction an unusual Doll, made with a Basket weave. I traded for it while traveling in Chile in 1983. It is from my personal doll collection which I am selling. It was made by Natives along the coastal region of Chile. The doll is woven in a basket weave of natural plant fibers which are dyed. It is made for the village children to play with, not for souvenir trade. The feather is from a local parrot. I watched children playing with these unique dolls with such joy $1.99 ( Purchased March 2003

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