Purchased through Ebay in 2001


This is an outstanding commercial web page for a wide variety of puppets for sale. There are also good links relating to travel in Burma.

Example Fainges Encyclopedia of Regional Dolls of the World. p. 27

Purchsedthrough Ebay from a UK seller $12.00 and shipping.

Purchased through Ebay March 2002. Seller wrote "Burmese (Myanmar) dolls dress as Kayah, one of the ethnic groups of Burma. The Kayahs are a distinctive ethnic group with their own dress, language, customes and state. 10 inches tall and nicely dressed. Head and arms appears to be plastic. Teak wood base.I found only one shop with dolls after looking in four cities and many shops. The woman's black top,(angyi) with cape, and pink skirt (Hta Min)is typical of Kayah female dress. Kayah men prefer pants instead of the traditional Burman longyi (skirt)with a sash hanging down on the side. Men also have a head band. These nicely dressed dolls depict Kayahs on special occasions such as weddings. Dolls do not seem to be part of Burmese culture. I have not seen children playing with dolls. Of course the older children have younger brothers and sisters to take care of "

nsoward@juno.com Neal Sowards 548 Home Ave. Ft. Wayne IN 468077

Cost $27.00 and postage.

Long Neck Karen Doll with Brass Neck Rings 9.25" tall handmade doll on wooden stand. From the border of Thailand and Burma. Made of brightly colored fabric and yarn with accents of silver colored metal and brass rings. The doll holds a wooden stringed instrument in her hands.

Acquired through Ebay April 2002

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