Bhutan This beautiful doll is made by rural girls of Bhutan with all indeginious materialsand wastes. Purchased directly from Bhutan, through an Ebay auction.$26.00 and postage.

From the CIA Factbook

Population: 2,049,412 (July 2001 est.)

I quoted more information directly from the CIA Factbook, and the lady who sold the doll suggested it was not appropriate, with the following email so I deleted it. I see the exchange of dolls as a way to further our understanding of each other, and hope she sees my posting her letter as itself appropriate.

E-mail message From: (DrukYulGoods) Date: Fri, Feb 22, 2002, 8:06am (EST+11) To: (Elizabeth Christian) Subject: Doll came today Dear Elizabeth, Thank you very much for the kind confirmation and honour to write something about Bhutan. I will send you some picture and some information on Bhutan in the next few days. The CIA information you have included on your web may not be taken too well by the Bhutanese and the so many people all over the world who love Bhutan. Best wishes Phub     ========================================== For all your Travel plans to the Kingdom of Bhutan and other Himalayan destinations, please visit  or email us at  We also have plenty of stuff for sale at the above eBay Store Web. Please check it out and also help us by spreading  the  word around to all your friends. Thanks & Kadren che La d6.JPG (jpeg attachment)

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I have just begun this page to share information about my own new international doll collection and to organize data about dolls of the world.

Contribute to my page, please. I set out to add a penpal from every country in the world several years ago, just as I am now aiming for a complete survey of dolls from every country. If you have a favorite memory of a souvenir doll please share and I will incorporate your comments under the appropriate country.

To me this is a way to travel the world without leaving home, though in fact it seems to be leading to plans for a trip around the world in my future.

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