From the CIA Factbook

Since attaining independence from the UK in 1973, The Bahamas have prospered through tourism and international banking and investment management. Because of its geography, the country is a major transshipment point for illegal drugs, particularly shipments to the US, and its territory is used for smuggling illegal migrants into the US.

Acquired through Ebay as part of a lot, the doll on the left is one of the "straw" dolls from the Bahamas.

Acquired through Ebay 2001


A Barbie fancier/tourist comments on the straw dolls:

Probably another straw doll from the Bahamas purchased as part of a souvenir group in October 2002 through Ebay.

This is a links page to my international dolls links: I am trying to have photographs from every country in the world. This is under constant revision.

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