Cameron, Elizabeth L. Isn't S/He a Doll ? Play and ritual in African Sculpture. 1996.

Dagan,Esther African Dolls for Play and Magic, Poupees Africanines pour Jeux et Magie. 1990.

Purchased from AfricaDirect (Denver) through Ebay December 2001)


North Carolina doll maker has made dolls of an Angola queen and her court: Queen Nzinga. Sold for 475 for the set
Figure sold on Ebay September 2001:
Official home page for Angola:
Library of Congress descriptive page:
Another doll offered for sale on Ebay October 2001:
Ambo people and dolls: National Geographic page about a Lisbon collection exhibiting in the US
African figures and dolls:
Woods Museum:
Dolls from all over the world: A link to every country in the world where I am sharing photographs of the dolls in my collection from over 170 countries, links to photographs of other dolls, personal /commercial web sites.

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