12 International Collector Dolls - Admiration Toy Co. Here are 12 dolls that represent the following countries and ethnic backgrounds: Italy, England, Sweden, Spain, Holland, France, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Africa, Eskimo and Colonial. They all come in a box, though the boxes are quite worn and the cellophane window is loose and age-discolored in all of them. The boxes each have a circular logo that says, "Admiration Toy Co. ~104 Fifth Ave. , New Yorkl, N.Y. ~ Tel: 212 675-8500". On the back it says, "Collect a Complete Set * Africa Colonial England Eskimo France Greece Holland Ireland Italy Scotland Spain Sweden", so I guess this is a complete set! The dolls appear to be made of hard plastic with open-and-close eyes. All the eyes are blue except for the African Doll who has brown eyes. I thought that it was interesting that even the Eskimo doll has blue eyes!. The arms and head are jointed while the legs are not. Each doll is 9" tall. The costumes are quite nice; for instance, the Eskimo doll has a tan felt hooded dress trimmed in real fur and braid. The Colonial doll has a satin flowered dress trimmed with lace and braid, and a hat with a real pink feather. All the dolls have plastic boots or shoes.