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This was in response to my question about the origin of a collection of souvenir dolls that I purchased from the UK using Ebay

From: (Mark Acton) Date: Wed, May 29, 2002, 3:23pm (EDT+5) To: (Elizabeth Christian)

The dolls all came from a house in Oldham, Lancashire about a couple of years ago.I cleared the house of all it's junk after the old man that lived there died.

From what I found it seemed like he and his wife (possibly both teachers) travelled a lot during their lives..there were many photos, sketches, maps etc from the 40's 50's 60's 70's.....I would guess a doll was brought back from the various places they visited.

The whole collection filled a display cabinet, pride if place, in the lounge.

Regards Mark [Acton]


From: Date: Mon, Jun 3, 2002, Elizabeth,

I have dolls from about 174 countries. I have 820 dolls. Yes, ebay is a help. I got about 287 dolls through ebay. I need Greenland, Uruguay, Cambodia, Iraq, Libya, Uganda, the countries that used to be part of the Soviet Union, to name a few.  I write to doll collectors in Namibia, South Africa, Wales, Spain and Scotland.

Sincerely, Laura