Sitting Pretty : A Celebration of Black Dolls by Dinah Johnson, Myles C. Pinkney (Photographer) going for $12.60 new Gr. 3-6, somewhat younger for reading aloud. Two well-designed books celebrate the beauty and history of dolls. In Sitting Pretty, Johnson introduces her own collection of black dolls from Africa, North America, South America, and the Caribbean. Each page presents a single doll or a small group, visually represented by a clear, colorful photograph and verbally, through a short poem expressive of the figure's heritage and demeanor. Two appended pages of notes detail where the dolls came from and, in some cases, who made them. The book's arrangement into three sections, "My Dolls," "Big Sister's Dolls," and "Mama's Dolls" is intended to "speak to the womanchild each of us recognizes in herself at different times in life." Though few will stop to consider the thematic sections, doll lovers, young or old, will pore over these well-designed pages, admiring the colorfully dressed, expressive figures and reflecting on Johnson's verse tributes. REVWR Copyright American Library Association



The most complete study available of the historical development of the doll, traced in relation to the social context of the lives of child owners. Over 430 black and white illustrations and over 30 full color illustrations. Book was copywrighted in 1977, author is Constance Eileen King. The book is in excellent condition. Has a total of 608 pages

The World of Dolls 1998, Krause Publications, 11 X 8.5, Publisher Price $24.95, ISBN 0873415701, Pages 368 With secondary market prices for more than 1,000 dolls and accessories, this comprehensive reference covers doll artists, foreign dolls, and personality dolls from the 1920s to the present--including Shirley Temple and Scarlet O'Hara. 900+ photos, 60 in

From the Inside Flap The dolls of a country are one of its richest visual treasures. With this in mind, authors Susan Hedrick and Vilma Matchette created a gorgeous full color and detail rich research volume to provide you, the doll collector, costume enthusiast, historian, and costumer with a record of the past. As countries divide and technological advances catapult the world into a different era, traditional costumes of yesteryear are lost. In locating dolls purchased from different countries, the authors were able to provide an equal analysis of world doll and costume history. This book recaptures and preserves world costume history through a spectacular visual record of antique to modern dolls, textiles, and postcards. These three resources provide the necessary comparison between the doll's dress and actual human dress. Organized alphabetically by country, augmented text detailing further geographical references, explicit doll maker information and costume commentary provide a window through which to view country traditions and styles. The countries covered include a vast area, but since not all countries and provinces are represented, detailed bibliographies, one focusing on doll research, the other on costume research, provide you with additional tools for further research or investigation. World Colors: dolls & Dress is a research volume for the doll/costume enthusiast, historian, museum curator, and costumer.<[p> The Art of Dolls 1700-1940, M Osborne Merrill

Published by Hale,1st,1985.A hardback (11 by 8 1/2 inch) in very good,clean ondition,in like wrapper with some minor,very near edge repairs.Contains 438 printed pages,profusely illustrated.....specifically intended as a reference guide showing a comprehensive selection of antique and collectable dolls for novice collectors,it is also a valuable identification and visual dictionary for those more seasoned collectors whose collections are already well established.Chronologically arranged, and covering all types of dolls including peg-woodens,wax,papier mache,china,leather,parian,cloth,bisque and composition,it focuses in words and in over 1,100 colour and black and white illustrations on these dolls most worthy of the collectors attention (1,044 black/white photographs and 97 colour)...

The Haunted Dolls ~ An Anthology Selected by Seon Manly and Gogo Lewis. Published by Doubleday & Company - 1980. Stated First Edition. Contains an unusual collection of "eerie and spooky stories about dolls endowed with special powers." Stories include: The Dressmakers Doll by Agatha Christie, The Peg-Doll by Rosemary Timperley, The Haunted Doll's House by M.R. James, The Doll by Algernon Blackwood, The Dancing Partner by Jerome K. Jerome, The Grey-Lady by Mary Danby, The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen, Feathertop by Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Dolls Ghost by F. Marion Crawford, and many more. Hardbound book (318 pages)

Nationality/Ethinic/International Dolls

Brown, Fearn Dolls of the United Nations.New York, Vantage Press 1965

Holz, Loretta. The how-to book of international dolls :a comprehensive guide to making, costuming, and collecting dolls / : New York : Crown Publishers, 1980

Judd,Polly and Judd,Pam African and Asian Costumed Dolls/ Paperback / Hobby House Press / 1995 176 p. : ill. (some col. ); 23 cm. Second in triology

Judd,Polly and Judd,Pam Americas, Australia, Pacific Islands Costumed Dolls, Vol. I / Paperback / Hobby House Press / March 1997 (advertised price: $14.95)

Judd,Polly and Judd,Pam European Costumed Dolls Paperback / Hobby House Press / October 1994 (Advertised price : $14.95)

Bachmann, Dolls the Wide World Over c.1973, 10x11, 204p, hardbound, black/white & color, Crescent Books, NY Content: the history of doll making around the world beginning with the most primitive forms through 20th century dolls, 150 photos (many in color) illus dolls from the Orient, Eskimo dolls, Slovak dolls, etc, bibliography

Eaton, Dolls in Color c.1976, 1st American edition, 5x8, 188p, hardbound, color illus, Macmillan Publishing Co,NY Content: brief history of doll making beginning with the 15th century, dolls from around the world are illus in 80 pgs color photos plus 5 pgs black/white illus, bibliography, index

Fox, Carl,1913 - The Doll , 1972 , 343p, 11x11, hardbound, black/white & color photos, Harry N Abrams, NY, Content begins with a general discussion of the doll and what defines a "doll" followed by 191black/white and color annotated photos (many depict multiple dolls), includes dolls from around the world, antique to contemporary, that are made from a wide range of materials including bisque, wood, cloth, wax, papier-mache, china, fiber and even cookie dough, black/white & color photos, bibliography, NO INDEX, values not included

Fraser Antonia Dolls" 8.25" x 9"Published by Octopus Books in London, 1973. 140 photos and illustrations, color and b/w. Contents cover history of dolls

Herlocher, Dawn 200 years of dolls : identification and price guide / : Dubuque, Iowa : Antique Trader Books, 1996

Polly Judd,Pam Judd Hard Plastic Dolls: Identification andPrice Guide, Vol. 1 / Paperback / Hobby House Press / September 1993

Polly Judd Hard Plastics Dolls Identification, Vol. 2 / Paperback / Hobby House Press / November 1990

King, Constance Eileen The collector's history of dolls / New York : Bonanza Books : Distributed by Crown Publishers, 1981, 1978

Revi, Spinning Wheels Complete Book of Dolls c.1975, 279p, 9x11, hardbound with dust tacket, Galahad Books, NY, Content: compilation of articles that originally appeared in the magazine, topics include American, English, French and German dolls, pincushion dolls, dolls houses, paper dolls, contemporary doll artist dolls, antique wax, bisque, cloth and wooden dolls, etc, a wonderful article about Joseph Kallus includes a chronology of dolls produced, hundreds of black/white. illustrations, makers' marks, index, values not included

Schweitzer, John C. The ABCs of Doll Collecting c.1981, 160p, 7x9, hardbound, Sterling Publishing Co, NYContent: discusses the various types of dolls with tips on collecting and a checklist for doll buyers, also discusses doll restoration and repair and the factors that influence desirability andvalue, 122 black/white & 31 color photos, glossary, bibliography, index, values not included. Some excellent ethnic/souivenir dolls pictured.

St George, The Dolls of Yesterday c.1958, reprint, 204p, 8x11, hardbound with dustjacket, Bonanza Books, NY Content: informal survey of doll collecting in American and Europe during the last 200 years, briefly touches on the various areas of doll collecting including bisque, cloth, doll artists, wax, penny dolls, etc, numerous black/white illustrations, index, values not included

Patricia R Smith Modern collector's dolls, 1973 1st ed. iv, 309 p. illus. 29 cm. Paducah, Ky., Collector Books,

Smith, Patricia R Modern collector's dolls : fourth series / Publication: Paducah, Ky. : New York : Collector Books ; distributed by Crown Publishers, 1979

Van Boehn, c.1972, reprint, 5x8, 269p, softbound, black/white, Dover

White, European and American Dolls c.1982, reprint, 9x12, 274p, hardbound, black/white, Crescent Books, NY Content: this survey of dolls includes dolls that date from Medieval Nuremburg up to WWI, includes numerous black/white line drawings detailing doll construction and dress plus 353 black/white photos and 35 pages of makers' marks, also includes a lengthy list of dollmakers, a glossary, bibliography and index