Acquired on Ebay April 2002 $8.00.

Description from sellers description

14" tall and in great condition. This is a unique doll with great detailing. She has a carved head, and hair made of coconut hair. Her face is painted, and her dress is muslin with embroidered detail and wooden buttons. She has a cotton body,

Acquired through Ebay\

UK sellers comment This doll stands approx 18ins high,and is in national costume ,perhaps eastern eorope or N Africa ? ,it is very colourful,it has a wooden head and is solid down to midriff,then loose like Punch type doll,it is approx 20 years old


UK purchase through Ebay

Clearly children's toys, not souvenir dolls.

Seller s description whole community of 31 wooden handpainted peg style dolls with sisal rope for great shape for age but 2 or 3 damaged. mum,dad,kids,granny,doc and policeman to name a few.probably from school or playgroup from yesteryear.2-4inches" $10.00

Unidentified dolls

Unidentified as of March 2003:

I purchased this doll from a UK seller in hopes it is from the former Soviet Union, but do not. Know. Acquired for $10.00 April 2002. Seller describes "Hard plastic brown doll in Turkish style costume. Felt pantaloons with velvet overdress with lace and braided edges and braid belt. Braided head band with decorative chains. Leater based stitched moccasin style shoes. Head slightly loose"