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Doll craftswomen: Florida Doll Maker Trains Montserrat Women's Group

Under the framework of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) agreement with the State of Florida, Collin Bully, with the Export Development and Agricultural Diversification Unit (EDADU) based in Dominica, requested FAVA/CA's assistance in finding an expert doll maker for the women's group "Women on the Move" in Montserrat. The making of cloth dolls for sale to tourists and overseas residents has become a tradition in the Caribbean craft industry. The women in Montserrat were experiencing problems with the design of the facial features of the doll, which has harmed the quality of the finished product. Volunteer Elizabeth Wandrei of Panama City, Florida, traveled to Montserrat from April 28 to May 6 and worked with 18 members of the group. Wandrei is owner of "Dolls by Elizabeth" and has more than 30 years experience making dolls and puppets. Elizabeth Wandrei