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This is the section where we help you to help us. If you think you've got what it takes to write for DOLL MAGAZINE then follow our guidelines and you'll have more than a modest chance. We've kicked off this section with tips on how to send your articles to DOLL magazine. Over the next few weeks we'll be adding guides on how to send images with your articles and how to write, DOLL style! Please send us your article in any of the following ways: Email it direct to us on (we just love to get copy this way. We jump up and down and kiss the screen. It makes our life sooooo easy. And it helps avoid those silly mistakes that can happen in retyping. Send us a disc. PC format is ideal, but we can accept most other discs too. Please include a hard copy printout of the text. Yes, I know we're supposed to be the paperless office, but you'll be surprised how many people send discs with 63 files on them, including last month's grocery list, and expect us magically to know which particular file they intend for us to use. (If you see Mr. Abbott's grocery list printed in the magazine you know we picked the wrong one.) In an ideal world you will save your copy in Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format (.RTF or .TXT file extension!). Failing that, most other text formats will be fine. Send us your article printed out by laser printer in deep black ink on beautiful virgin white paper, double spaced, with no doodling in the margins, or anywhere else for that matter (doodling plays hell with our scanners). The old faithful. We've heard all the stories about your emotional attachment to those solid metal lines and chunky keys, and far be it for us to tear you away from your trusty typewriter that's been with you since the fifth form. But for our sanity's sake…change the damn ribbon before you send us your copy. Hand-written. Aaaaagh. You've no idea how it makes the heart sink to approach the morning collection of editorial envelopes brightly, only to find them filled with scrawled jottings that would try the patience of those guys who study the inside of Egyptian tombs for a living. But we do accept hand-written articles. We'll even take your copy written in faded biro on the back of an old till roll from the supermarket. But …it had better be a piece of prose to rival Hemingway. If not it goes straight in the bin. Send your articles to DOLL magazine  Article submissions dept,  Avalon Court, Star Road, Partridge Green, West Sussex, RH13 8RY ENGLAND. or preferably, Back IssuesDollsBooksMagazine Binder Little Ones Series Hans Boy Doll (approx 12"/30cm) £68.00 June 2001 Doll Magazine Issue 44 £3.50 View my basket Shopping homepage Shopping help Delivery Payment Information Customer services

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