Purchased on Ebay March 2002

seven (7) small dolls from the Americana Collection. They measure approx. 8.5" tall, not counting hats. There are 5 girls and 2 boys. They each come with their own wood-base stand. They also come with a tag that tells their name, date and place of birth. The girl in the mauve calico dress is JOSEPHINE born March 1, 1905 in Houston, TX. The boy in the tan overalls & hat is FRANKLIN, born May2, 1910 in Williamsburg, VA. The girl in the green calico dress is BETH ANNE, born July 8th, 1912, Seattle, Wa. Girl in navy dress is EMMA, born June 4, 1909 Minneapolis, Mn. Girl in plaid & calico dress is MERIDITH, born Feb 27, 1900 in Greensboro, NC, Boy in plaid overalls is JONATHAN, born Nov 24, 1908. Girl in burgundy & mauve calico is SARAH, born Dec 15, 1907 in Salt Lake City, Utah.