View from Phyllis Hetrick-Bennett's back porch

Another view

Dear Alice,

Missed you at the Alumni Function, but certainly understand.

Again, my daughter Eden drove up with me and this time we took my 7 year old granddaughter, Marti.

I took in the mass at the convent, the ceremony of the medallions for the class of 52, lunch, art exhibit (was really impressed with what I learned about the art program), and banquet. It was a full day.

Got to talk with Betty Wiesse and Stella Swango, Alice Moran at length...just a short exchange with Eden Bird who was busy with Doug's classmates....interesting how these things go.

Phyllis Hetrick did take me out to her place, and these are photos I took. Lovely home. They picked it out in 1988, took awhile to buy it and then remodel it to their needs, and now I believe they are looking at a move to Florida some day. You would have to be able to drive to live there. But that was a real treat.

My Eden took Marti to South Pittsburg to see relatives, tour a foundry where they make skillets, and take in a cornbread bakeoff.

We spent both nights at the St. Mary's Retreat House, which gave a flavor of the past.

Am SO busy at work. Got involved in 3 poster papers for the next too months at too different meetings, hope to turn them into podium presentations for October, and am involved in planning two programs for library organizations over the coming two invited to consult on the library for a new school of pharmacy. They will fly me out to California.

So....retirement ? But I really must by the end of the next academic year. 40 years is enough.

Thinking of a new hobby....maybe. Got involved in the dolls to the extent I have them for 175 different countries...(small, do not take up too much room)...and looking into a trip to Guatemala for agent lining it up...visit the doll makers and see if I can a magazine to publish my article. That is the top country on my list...then the Ivory Coast, Thalian, Bhutan....well, I don't have an unlimited pocketbook....but you only live once.

The effect is that I am learning a LOT about the rest of the world....

Well, so much for me

I appreciated your card.

Would you be interested in meeting me in NYCity for a play or so, a museum or so...and maybe just some hanging out in Chinatown or the Village ? Say in September, October..before it is too cold ?

Best wishes, Lizzie....

May 1, 2002