This is a doll that was Made in American Ryukyu. The label on the front of her wooden base states "Made in American Ryukyu". That indicates it was made sometime between July of 1945 and May of 1972, before the Ryukyu Islands reverted to Japan and became the prefecture of Okinawa. The label on the back of her base says "Shuri Woman's Handicraft Club Torihori-Cho Shuri Naha City Okinawa". She stands about 11" tall. She wears a what looks like a cloth kimono (with white bloomers underneath) and a cloth head covering. Sold on Ebay September 2001 for 27.00 and postage From the person who bought the doll


My wife was born in Okinawa while her father was stationed there. This doll would have been made near the time when she was born. She loves dolls, but has none from her place of birth. I wanted this doll badly for a surprise Christmas present for her. I can't wait to see her face Christmas morning! Billy - Orlando, FL

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