Sold on Ebay Septemer 2001

This very unusual doll is dressed in the authentic costume of the natives of New Guinea. He is made of soft rubber with movable head and arms. The clothing is woven from an assortment of native grasses and sea shells. His face is tatooed in rows of white and yellow dots. He has open/close, glass eyes with long lashes. His head is covered in curly black hair with two seperate caps or hats. The under cap is woven seashells and the outer cap is woven grass. He has a colorful backpack that opens. His arm and leg bands are woven grass. He is truly unique for the collector of black dolls or ethnic dolls. I have never seen another like him. He has two marks on the back of his neck; 'NETTA' with 'Australia' under it and a small green paper circle with the number 38. Price 125.00