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From: centralcape@yahoo.com (Neal Moore) Date: Thu, Apr 18, 2002, 11:39am (EDT-3) To: echristian@webtv.net (Elizabeth Christian) Subject: Re: Don't know how this shows up

Hi Elizabeth,

Wonderful to hear of your coming adventure down South! That sounds like an exciting hobby especially as a post-retirement celebration! I certainly wish you luck in that undertaking and hope that you have the experience of a lifetime! It was a couple years back that I sold my Jeep and all of my furniture and took a plane ride to the Orient. I am now in S. Africa for some time and am in great hopes to make the move to Spain come August and then hopefully up to Paris to do some writing. Am wanting to sell some furniture on eBay out of Barcelona - the old great Spanish pieces that are very reaonable there and also to venture over into Morocco to take the plunge into that part of the African continet. All the while, the writing goes on for me as well. I'm not sure if I told you, but there are a couple of publishers here in Cape Town who have shown and interest in my S. African book - it's of a white South African family who immigrates over to Mississippi with the idea to look at American racism through the eyes of two generations of South Africans.

  I do not believe there is anything more exciting than to travel in search of material to write about. The people you will meet along the way, so unexpected, will be so rewarding. I also dream of Central and S. America come one fine day! Well take care and I hope your travel arrangements prove successful. One thing you may want to consider as well is the fact that you can support your research overseas by selling on eBay.

  Every country has so many wonderful things to offer and every city in the world (well most) have an internet cafe where you can list. Just for fun, go to the "search" button on eBay's homepage and look under "advanced search". They type in the field "a" and select not "all of these words" but instead "any of these words". Also check the "search title and description" field and then go down and select the country you wish to visit. You might be amazed at just how many people are selling in almost every country around the globe! What's also nice is the currency exchange. For example, for every dollar I make on eBay, it goes eleven times as far in S. Africa. Stay thee well and Cheers! Neal --- Elizabeth Christian wrote:

Great. I am interested in a hobby for retirement and possibly seeing if there are some doll manazines or travel magazines that would interested in a series on international dolls that might be converted into a book.

Have not written before but am making contacts. Guatemala dolls are amazing and I have a terrific response from a travel agent in that country who has suggestions and would book a tour for me in August. Saving my pennies.

I would certainly put the ICoast dolls on my list. I have not seen anything like them from any other countries. Have a library colleague from Georgia State Univesrity here who is working with a library there...part of the universitiy's formal relationship. Will take your advice, shortly.

Best wishes, Elizabeth