I purchased a doll from Tunisia at the UN Gift Shop in NYC in November 2001

There are three pictured in Judd's Asian and African Costumed Dolls page 39,40. Faines must have had difficulty finding another sample because the female doll in green withi a silver pen hanging from her belt on page 147 in the Encyclopedia of Regional Dolls is copied from the collection of Sherry Morgan, Clearwater, Florida, J. Maxon photographer.

This is a links page to my international dolls links: I am trying to have photographs from every country in the world. This is under constant revision. Contact me at echristian@webtv.net if you have additional information about these dolls or would like to include photographs of your own dolls.

I purchased this doll in November 2001 at the United Nations Gift Shop.


There is a picture of a man from Tunisia dressed in a red fez in this virtual doll museum:
Where tourist can purchase souveir dolls in authentic dress in the country:
Antropological study of doll play by girls in Tunisia: