Offered for sale on Ebay March 2003 VERY RARE PAIR of Vintage Rubber/Vinyl Black Dolls from the 1960’s in their Papua, New Guinea Native Costumes! Their condition is *MINT* and they are truly FABULOUS! The heads are stamped “Metti, Australia”, and the feet are tagged “Made In Papua, New Guinea”. Standing 13 inches tall, fully jointed, rooted black hair, sleep eyes with eyelashes, and the cutest smile with painted teeth! According to the 1990 June/July Doll Reader they were made by the ladies of Sigoya, a women’s club in a small village in New Guinea, to raise money. They bought the rubber dolls from Australia and then dressed the dolls in authentic traditional hand-made clothing and hand-painted the faces. The detail is EXQUISITE...headband of hand-knotted string and woven cane, dyed grasses, strings of seed shells, woven bark strips for the arm and leg bands, grass skirts, painted cloak of beaten softwood bark, and the “bilum” (down her back) a carryall for babies, produce or whatever. It is made by teasing cloth and fibers into string and then crocheted into the carryall. The TWO Dolls were purchased in Hawaii in 1973
Acquired through Ebay from an Australian who was not sure what these are. They have bells inside. I think they may be from New Guiana
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