Doll Diary June 9, 2002

Today I bid on on a few Ebay items, but there were no unique titles.

I spent some time adding a page from Vol. 3, Doll Talk, Kimport, that I had just purchased on Ebay adding pictures and text of native American dolls from British Guiana, which is now Guyana. You can't refer to Indian dolls, as the other dolls, listed, but without photographs are the dolls dressed like those who came from India to start the country's tea culture.

I did not even know that British Guiana is now Guyana and had a bit of a geography lesson along the way.

I also added a South American and a Jamacian doll I had photographed at my friend Diane's last week.

I also set out to try, unsuccessfully to find out more about the dolls from the Village of Three Corners, which a kind lady identifed for me in my guest book.

Ah, had I it to do over I would have been more consistant about adding information about the dolls as I purchased them. Now I do have some records, but reconstructing them would be a real chore.

There it is, a day in the life of a doll collector.

Just for my own entertainment, noting the circumstances of getting these dolls. To the far left is Sarah Polk, the beautiful Brinn doll at the antique store I visited with Trudy, that I left the first time, went home and thought and thought about, and then that I returned to purchase, with Trudy's encouragement. The blue haired doll, baby doll in pink, and the very large dolls came from Canada and are from Regal and Dee and Cee (spelling ?) companies with the doll in pink, a Mattell, that sucks when batteries are operating. They are terribly large to keep, but I like them all. I got them for the former USSR "stan" country doll that came with them.

CVS dols the doll that looks like Jacqueline Kennedy, but probably could not be specific because of copyright or something. The pillbox, sunglasses....

The African doll was purchased in Guiana, and I cannot prove it was from there or not.

I really enjoy putting the dolls up and looking at them as composites from various countries. I have thought about separating them out by country and will probably do so at some point, but not quite yet.

Ah, and the cornstalk dolls. One I got in a charity store on Broad St. in Rome, and the other in an "antique" store across the street when I was visiting Phoebe.