From: (Julia Alzadjali) Date: Fri, Nov 9, 2001, 6:51pm (EST+9) To: (Elizabeth Christian) Subject:

RE: Link to your page

Dear Ms. Christian,

Your email message to me regarding Omani dolls could not have been better timed! Just today I started photographing a new collection and if you will allow me another day or so to finish preparing the pics I would like to share them with you before you decide on a doll. You see, I've been photographing a group of Omani dolls which I have put together myself relying upon the area experts with respect to traditional clothing and then I also relied upon an award winning artist who has designed these faces and bodies that I use.

The Omani dolls on the market are few and in all honesty, are not an accurate portrayal of the culture. Though they come close for the unsuspecting, they are far off the mark for those who have learned better. I have gone to great lengths to make sure that this new collection is accurate and hope that you will be interested in seeing it before you decide on what doll to buy.

To answer your question, yes you can purchase dolls through my site but as I said, I hope you will see ALL the dolls that will soon be available before deciding on which one. I'd also like to let you know that in addition to my website The Souk of Oman I am openning up another site called The Doll Company of Oman at which is still undercontstruction (so I wouldn't bother going there because it's a big mess right now! LOL) but I hope that by month's end it is all in order and I would like to contact you at that time to visit the site as it will not only make the new collection available for purchase but it will also offer information regarding the traditional clothing of Oman. It's not for academic purposes but for those who enjoy "ethnic" info, it should prove worthwhile. You may want to use these links for Oman rather than The Souk of Oman links that you now have. Again, when it's "ready" I will let you know.

I'm very delighted to receive your message and will contact you again soon about the new collection of pictures. Thank you for contacting us and I look forward to hearing from you again. --I'm still surprised by your timing! It was fantastic! And the question just came to much luck have you had in finding dolls for Oman? My guess is I was the only one but I trust you've better ways of finding dolls than I do given your obvious devotion. I've visited your link and am impressed by what you are doing. I think it is a very good idea and I'm glad you are taking the time and effort to share these delightful pictures and great facts on the internet. This is a very unique idea. Good for you! Until I write again...

Best wishes,

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