You have an ALA accredited master's degree and a number of years library experience.

Would you be interested in continuing your education with a web based online practical doctorate that included a mentoring program, field research, and a curriculum relevant to your interests ?

I am surveying practitioners regarding their interest in such a degree and then will contact educators to find if there are faculty interested in teaching in such a program.

I have submitted a poster paper for ALA in which I hope to present the results.

I would appreciate your completing my survey

To take the survey please click here

                   Results for: The Non Research Doctor of Library as of February 8, 2002

1) I would like to earn a non-research Doctor of Library Science degree True  48 (63%)False  28 (36%)

2) I alrady have a doctorate in library science True  4 (5%)False  72 (94%)

3) If the course were web based I would like to use the following software WebCT  34 (44%)Blackboard  18 (23%)Other  11 (14%)

4) It you answered "other" to the above question which course management software would you prefer (The last five responses are given)  - Anlon- anlon- I'm not familiar with either of these.- pretty much any that have a wholly web client- pretty much any that have a wholly web client Click to view ALL responses

5) I would like to emphasis this area in such a degree Leadership, management, and supervision  30 (39%)Technical services - cataloging, serials, acquisitions  6 (7%)Public services - - reference,user instruction  29 (38%)Technology  24 (31%)Future trends in librarianship  22 (28%)

6) I would like a thesis-like requirement for the degree True  59 (77%)False  17 (22%)

7) I would be willing to spend the following number of years on the degree 1  6 (7%)2  20 (26%)3  28 (36%)4  15 (19%)5  9 (11%)6  8 (10%)

8) This would be the most important aspect of the degree in my opinion Not having any effect on my career  10 (13%)Helping me toward promotion  26 (34%)Helping me increase my salary  23 (30%)Improving my professional self-esteem  26 (34%)Improving my status among my peers  15 (19%)Improving my status with patrons  6 (7%)

9) I would prefer An in-state private institution  11 (14%)An in-state public institution  42 (55%)Out-of-state institution would be as acceptable  23 (30%)Overseas institution  5 (6%)

10) I would prefer a faculty with strong experience rather than higher academic credentials if a choice had to be made True  66 (86%)False  10 (13%)

11) I would prefer to study part-time True  74 (97%)False  2 (2%)

12) I have worked on a doctorate in library science but have not completed the degree True  13 (17%)False  63 (82%)

13) I am working in this field Academic Library  43 (56%)Library Network  3 (3%)Public Library  10 (13%)School Library  6 (7%)Special Library  13 (17%)Other  5 (6%)

14) I do not believe accreditation is important since I already have an accredited terminal degree True  22 (28%)False  54 (71%) 15) Please comment

 - A non-research DLS is unlikely to be taken seriously by faculty, as it does not meet the research standard expected of doctoral work. I believe that a non-research DLS would lower librarians' standing in the eyes of college and university faculty.

It might possibly improve our image among non-academics, however.- I have a doctorate in Psychology and thus would not pursue another.- 

Work commitment/needs of organization currently impact some of my answers. I also attempted a distance learning/physically commuting doctorate about 10 years ago.

That the program was full time & that there was not then any realistic way to have release time made a huge difference. At the time the doctorate mattered for personal/professional goals.

Its impact on career would have then been minimal.- you probably can't use my questionnaire, since most of your questions after #4 assume that a respondent is interested in pursueing a Ph.D.- Would only enroll in an accredited program.

Willing to do research-degree studies if coursework could be done as part-time student. Whe I looked into LS doctoral programs several years ago, acceptance into any of the existing programs required that all the coursework be done as a full-time enrollment status.

I am self-supporting and NOT being employed is NOT an option for me.