University of Alabama

"a small group of students who possess superior scholastic qualifications, are truly excited about the pursuit of knowledge, and have the potential to identify and solve critical problems in the field."


University of Arizona

No description of type of student sought


University of California at San Jose

No PhD

University of California at U. Los Angeles ".designed so that students are able to: demonstrate a thorough understanding of the field of information studies develop expertise in using the methodologies required for investigation in the field conduct effective, sustained research contribute to the knowledge of the field, as evidenced by the identification and solution of a significant problem acquire teaching experience in a university environment"


University of Connecticut

No PhD

District of Columbia

Catholic University

No PhD


Florida State University

"The program has two overall goals. First, it seeks to prepare you to demonstrate competence in major aspects of the field. You do this by successfully completing a preliminary examination. Second, the program seeks to prepare you to demonstrate mastery of an area of specialization in the field and of appropriate research methodologies"

University of South Florida

No PhD Georgia

Clark Atlanta

No PhD


"The Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Communication and Information Sciences offers a PhD integrating the fields of communication, computer science, library studies, and management information systems"



No PhD Illinois

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

" The Ph.D. program is a research-orientated, interdisciplinary program designed to prepare outstanding researchers and teachers of library and information science through an individually tailored course of study" Indiana

"SLIS's Information Science Ph.D. program is research-oriented and focuses on advancing and disseminating new knowledge, both basic and applied"

. Iowa


No PhD


University of Kansas

"The doctoral program at SLIM is designed to enable students to conduct research that will contribute to society's understanding of the creation, diffusion, and utilization of information" . Kentucky

"Rather than starting a PhD program from scratch, School of Library and Information Science advanced certification. In 1996, the Executive Boards of two ALA divisions, PLA and LAMA, approved a proposal to develop a "Certified Public Librarian.". In order to offer such certification the associations are havinghave to establish a new body legally empowered to do what it could


No PhD


University of Maryland

"The PhD program in Library and Information Science is a research-oriented degree program which prepares students for careers in teaching and research and in the creative application of knowledge and scientific methods to information systems design and information management" . Masschusetts


Wayne State

No PhD


U of Southern No PhD



No PhD



"The Ph.D. program in Communication, Information and Library Studies providesacademic training for students seeking theoretical and research skills for scholarly andprofessional leadership in the communication, information, and media fields. The focus of the program is on the nature and function of communication, information and mass media systems,institutions, and policies, and their impact on individuals, and on social, organizational, national, and international affairs"

NEW YORK - Long Island

Leadership positions in research, teaching,and practice NY



- Queens


- St Johns No PhD NY

- Syracuse The Ph.D. in Information Transfer is a research-oriented program which focuses onthe advancement and dissemination of new knowledge, both basic and applied, about the design, use, and evaluation of information systems, services, and policies for individuals, for private-sector firms, and for nonprofit and governmental organizations. NY

University of Albany

" The Information Science Doctoral Program This interdisciplinary doctoral program is designed for persons interested in advanced study and applied research in the nature of information as a phenomenon, and in the character of the information transfer process, including the creation of new knowledge, the utilization of what is known, and the dissemination of knowledge in both conventional and electronic formats. Emphasizing research, teaching, and the application of research findings to professional practice, the program is built on the model of the scientist-practitioner. It prepares graduates for both academic and research careers in information science or related disciplines and for higher level management and policy positions in private and public sector organizations." NY

University of Buffalo

"For additional information: Department of Communication Graduate Program Department of Communication Ph.D. - Degree Requirements LIS Information Liason: George D'Elia 716-645-2412 x1162"

No clear statement of purpose North Carolina


North Carolina Central University NC

"U The SILS doctoral program provides an environment that enables creative and energeticstudents to become innovative thinkers and leaders in information and library science. Theprogram achieves this by providing the flexibility to customize student programs that coordinatestudent and faculty interests and activities" NC

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Ohio


Kent state University

No PhD



- Clarion N PA

- Drexel The program is intended to raise the student to the highest point of critical thinking-isolating the key problems and challenges of the information field and engaging in the research that discloses answers and solutions. By its completion, the program transforms the information professional into a peer of the faculty, and the activities in the program are intended to feed that transformation: working closely with faculty in seminars, research, proposal, papers, and presentations. PA

U Pitt

The Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science program prepares students for advanced work in research and teaching. Puerto Rico

U N Rhode Island

U N South Carolina

U N Tennessee

Not clear

PhD in Communications with a primary concentration in Information Sciences Texas

Texas Woman's College

"The Doctor of Philosophy degree program in the School of Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman's University [SLIS at TWU] is a research-based program designed to foster critical inquiry about Library and Information Systems and Services, Management and Administration of Library and Information Systems, and Libraries and Information in the Cultural Context Texas

U of North Texas No clear statement of purpose Texas

- U

The objective of the program for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Science is to prepare graduates for research contributions to, and creative leadership in, the discipline Washington

- U

"The Ph.D. in Information Science is a theoretical, research-based doctorate that focuses on creating and advancing new knowledge that makes a difference. Wisconsin