A photo of Jay, Marti and Rob going into the education building on their way to their Sunday Hebrew School class. I had spent the previous day and night with them, and I was helpful and it was a good experience.I read with Marti, both to her (Curious George) and then listened to a book she could read all the way through from reading group. Seems obvious they should have had her in a reading group last year as was Jay. She restrung some beads into a necklace, was very reluctant in cleaning her room, and colored a horse. She stayed busy and seemed to enjoy being with me.

She also poured Aunt Bettie, disabled with her right hand in a cast after her fall 10 days ago..., a stiff drink from a heavy Jack Daniels bottle.

Rob and Eden went off to shop for a bureau for Marti. Back..no furniture but 200.00 of Fiestaware and some serving pieces and cups as gifts for Rob's sister Sandra in Wooster.

They were off with a pineapple upside down cake to a neighborhood picnic and I stayed behind and watched TV..more and more and more interviews and panel shows about what we should do about the terrorists, who they are,what's going on.

When they got back I played 3 games of chess with Jay..he won one, and got him to spread out the big map in his drawer and I placed the souvenir dolls on the map telling him about them. He was willing to do it but not enthusiastic.

Eden, Rob and I participated in a kind of important American ritual, watchin the NYC Mayor come on Saturday Night Live, filmed near the WTC...and cracked a weak joke..."Can we be funny ?"..."Why Should you start now ?" and a little humor aimed at BL himself...

The Kennedy shooting killed That Was The Week That Was, I believe.

I am wanting to write about plans for the future, cleaning, myself.....I will get something to eat and do that later.

Among the people listened to yesterday on that CSpan "Festival of Books" things was somebody who said that he "was there"....said before Kennedy was killed his brother was arranging to have Castro killed, while he was in fact trying to normalize things with the Castro government. Then when he died Johnson was not going to buy into supporting Castro. In the meantime there was a man involved who had sugar interests in the area, concerned with the repression of the Cuban people, pursued by the FBI or CIA..in a Mexican jail then helicoptered to freedom..and this author was there when he got out. A Bronson-Ireland movie about it was changed by the CIA to leave out their part...Columbia Pictures was censored effectively. Is this true ? Puts a whole new perspective out there.

< http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB18/>

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