September 28, 2001

And more of the same

Up about 5, back to playing with the Ebay stuff, pulled off and put on a web neat photo of a Finland doll and a Nigerian statue, also a needlepoint Julia Tyler. But then I broke down and bid on a complete set of Marx presidents dolls. I already have some, but wanted more.

Had an email from somebody related to a Uriah Winters, probably not our Winter family, but was able to recover the Sims lady's email and forwarded his emails on to her.

Yesterday was satisfying doing the PBL stuff with the 7 students and Amy. One of the girls took over and wrote down stuff by herself, directed stuff..had even set up the chairs so we were set aside as teachers,and she could be in the pivotal spot. The two boys grabbed the dictionary Amy brought in, but and the 3 girls on the sides were pretty well left out.

Left a bit early, nice cab driver who was a policeman in Florida to the station. He let me have his paper..had a good piece about a congressman Charles Wilson who had left office after 24 years, but who seemed to be sorry....that we had not followed through in Afghanisatan.

He said special forces, and also paying people who would come to our side fo 500.

Had supper at the Hyatt, but it was not really satisfying. And a lot of money.

Must get my eyes, first time I have written this.

Mess all around. Can you ever change about this ? Get compulsive about cleanliness ?

Oh, and reference yesterday...very satisfying. Talked one gal through the education maze...she did it from home, and it was good, pointed a few pharmacy students in the right direction. Got the resident an article on Iowa she had missed, then got Diana Long to get her into Loansome Doc to order articles.

With desk 9 to 1, no lunch.

Did hava a satisfying talk with Lynette while she got some breakfast, about plans for the SWOTS (which I must get back to doing) and also benchmarking. I realized the libraries she had in mind had business, nursing AND education programs, so this should go well. Also volunteered, if she would do it to go and barcode Saturday a week from now.

So...a pretty good day, all together. Nice weather, but still unhappy about all the mess in my office..and at home.

Maybe tonight.....

It is almost 9 and I am going to stop off at the post office on Piedmont to see about retrieving a package or packages, and get work work with an expensive taxi.

It took a bit of courage to make this photograph of myself and put it here. I look really awful, and need to realize that that is what other people see when they look at me.

And I am not changing. my weight is higher than ever in my life, my bones are probably getting worse and worse..and it is all a matter of willpower. I will never look "beautiful", "pretty" again, but I can have a look that will fit my age, and be satisfying again. I need to decided what that look actually is.

But having the nerve to say what is wrong...I have not been able to see as I could before for past 2 happened suddenly..and my face...I have a worried, strained, pained look about my eyes.