The morning began with a PBS video..about 4:30 am.It was about the assembly, most about Ford's assembly line. I thought back two days earlier on the unhappy PSB report of visiting 2 couples, first in early marriage, then 10 years later, who worked in an industrial city, and the terribly hard times they were having.

So in the end I concluded that I had really lucked out, avoiding this kind of work. I thought of my cousin Thor, who lives in Atlanta, who I have hardly seen, Hugh's son, who went to work in Hapeville right out of high school, was laid off, got work in Shreveport in a new plant and I recall in one of the very few conversations in our lives that he said that the plant was air conditioned. I realized he had worked all his life without something I had taken for granted in the work place.

This time on Ebay I did break down and bid (and won..see photos) 2 lots of dolls from the UK...but the most interesting and new thing I did was pick of photos from complete sales and contacted the new owners and former owners to use photographs. Got one refusal.

Taxi to work this time...Peruvian.

Beefed up the slide presentation, then had Amy take a look at it, and by 11:30 was able to go to the Exceutive Forum and hear the young reporter...very famous, a lot of news programs, read an excellent report of 2 weeks at ground zero....she had seen the first plane, then gone in and seen the second on tv as she called her husband who worked nearby. She expects their baby in a few months. (He was OK)

Lunch afterwards and a marketing prof said his daughter at Georgia State has had her professor advisd postphoning a semester study abroad in Italy next spring because of possible reactions to Americans. Florence, sitting there with me, looking especially nice in a dark blue suit, said that her mother may well take Greyhound from Chicago late in the year because of possible danger. (I doubt if she will). I rambled on about taxi drivers, Greyhound buses.

In the early afternoon on the desk I dealt with some reponses from Banga, Grapes, Barnett, Strom, and Cutler about the book purchases..sending off for ills about things they wondered about, ordering a few.

The an hour while Beth Hammond did a monologue about the memo she had sent us as to how to approach the Meyer report and what to do about assessment. I think we are in good shape about our SWOTS and our benchmarking plan.

Taxi...talked about the WTC bombing.

Then to see about Aunt Bettie. Yes,her hand is in a cast and she goes to the doctor tomorrow to see what happens next, if she will need an operation. She also had her little glass of hooch. We watched more news, Tom Brokow..and was treated to seeing the back of my head on TV ...they were interviewing the speaker from the Executive Forum.

Spent time with Marti, she demonstrated a bit of dancing, and some "shoes" (not leather) made in Hebrew School. Jay ..glued to TV. Rob made us all a nice supper of mashed sweet potatoes and brocalli..and a meet..looked nice in AB s kitchen, around the same table she had had in Pin Lake and then that I had for awhile on Ridgewood. And that Eden had used at Greenwood Place...what a history.

Train home, with people who had come from the marathon at the stadium..if that is the name of the race.

Back to play with Ebay photos, signed up for the transloader, and got some interesting emails, one about a volunteer' s training program for federal advocacy.

It was actually a very nice day. All the mess around me is bothersome, but the interactions with people were nice.