Diary October 9, 2001 Up at almost 6, and yes, I DID get back into Ebay, even sent somebody an email about the pair of coin dolls for sale. And did not go to PCAC, nor did I do anything about the B....

I must muster self-control, self-determination, the intent of not doing what is easy but what I really WANT to do.

So, what happens next ?

I need to finish the Annual Report and think I will stay at Mercer this evening and work on that.

Today I am not at all sure what to do about the librarians' meeting. We will work on the benchmarking, that is for certain...but how about that final goal, proving information literacy ?

All this fat around my middle is really bothering me, and yet I ate that huge slice of JB s birthday cake last night.

Self discipline, self discipline....when will it come, how to make it work for you ? How to get control of weight, money, housekeeping here and at work....

Day ahead of getting Ebay money out, then finaly 1-6 on the desk, but also time for Lynette's librarians' meeting. You must may be invited to the "management meeting" with L and J on the audiophone. MARTA... CENTER>

These are the pumkins that are for sale outside the Methodist Church. This is the second year I have photographed these. They are a wonderful splash of orange against the ground. Wonder where each will go, imagine what kind of jack-o-laterns each will make. How many will go into a pumpkin pie. Where were they grown ?

You did print out this letter to Phoebe and already had an envelope addressed and stamped, ready to go.

Dear Phoebe,

I am glad I had a chance to visit with you this weekend. I went by the dentist's office on the way to the bus station and made appointments for 8:30 for the next 2 Mondays. We will keep at it until your teeth are all taken care of and you will feel better. I had a good trip back on the bus. The weather is lovely.

I worked in the evening, and am now getting some clothes washed and am preparing to go back to work this morning.

Best wishes, Your mother, Elizabeth

Isn't this a beautiful picture of the river. I pass it when I walk from the station, and never really look at it. There is this great path that runs past it. We should walk the path. Maybe we can do this when I come up next weekend.

COMMENT THIS LETTER REALLY SPEAKS TO THE TIMES. WHENi WENT DOWN EARLIER TO DEAL WITH LAUNDRY MAN WAS GETTING PAPER...headlines about widening of the bombing. I commented in the elevator that it did not help in Germany..just kept making ball bearings under it all.

This is a person I bought an Ivory Coast doll from. Seems he purchases things all over Africa to resell.

Delivered-To:    echristian@webtv.net Date:    Tue, Oct 9, 2001, 4:12am (EDT-3) From:    Neal Moore Subject:    Re: ebay no. 1465981245 To:    Elizabeth Christian

Greetins Elizabeth, Am leaving the country this Thursday -- things have turned extremely anti_american here, but will get your goalie out before I leave.. either today or tomorrow. My mail will be forwarded to me in Taiwan, so the payment will arrive and that is not a problem. Stay well and only my best, Neal --- Elizabeth Christian wrote:

Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 04:39:22 -0700 (PDT) From: Neal Moore Subject: Re: ebay no. 1465981245

To: Elizabeth Christian Greetings Elizabeth,

I have as yet not received payment, however, I am going to be leaving South Africa this Thrusday as a result of the overnight anti-American sentiment here locally. Will ship your winning items out before I leave. My best, Neal