It was a good work day, yesterday. I enjoyed working with the part time person, and things clicked along, nobody needing much. Helped people find articles, both storage, bound, online, added paper to the printer 4 times, and generally felt like a clerk, but an efficient one.

Spent the time actually starting systematically on the doll page again. Yes, really systematically. staying with the alphabet. My goal, a location tool for the dolls, and a repository for my own information about the countries.

Looking at me now, the two big Russian dolls, a Brazilian festival doll in bright blue sequines..a lovely doll, I got as one of two.

I now have most of the major countries in the world, with representative dolls. The ones I don't have I may need to go with "international" costume standins until I can get the real thing.

The Afghan and Iranian dolls are excellent and perhaps hard to find now.

I picked up information about a place that makes dolls in Trinidad, and also out of a Doll magazine, information about a Russian emigre who made dolls and employed Syrian women.

I am not going to back off on this one right now, butstay the course. I sent a copy of the page to BJ to take a look at.

Eden is going great guns for the Thanksgiving in New York...package deal, place for Thanksgiving dinner...a week to remember....

What I would really like to consider now is ways in which I might start making good photographs of my dolls. It may well mean more than the digital camera and something of an investment.

These are the dolls that I have added from around the world..Chile, Australia, Canada as well as the US over the past month..strewed across the bed in their plastic sacks.

It is past 2:00 now, I did not go to Rome at noon as I had planned. Some kind of big motorcycle group is roaring through downtown Atlanta....they just keep coming and's over now...and only sirens...I will head on out now....get to the Greyhound station ...and I hope get a handle on how I am going to back off this doll thing and start .... well... My goal was the history and I got diverted. Now that I have Worthen's book I have a pattern that will be safe. What I need to do is to concentrate, start writing, thinking....get focused. Count out the number of words he used...the number of citations...and you could go for the same publisher. I still have to pay for the dolls...have a lot of people I did NOT get checks out to. But once that is done, stay away ALTOGETHER from Ebay....until you have finished with your other priorities. It will still be there. Trust me, it will still be there.

Some relevant sites for the day

Update - May 5, 2002

SNot much has changed. I have kept on adding, and adding and ADDING dolls, and books about dolls...and ending up with a total mess around me.

What has changed is the webpage. I got it picked up on Google and on an important costume page...and it is getting hits. I also started over systematically with my every country listing....and have used it as a repository for adding items. It is a from dolls I have bought off of Ebay, other photos off of Ebay...letters from those who have sold me dolls...and any number of odds and ends, including information about the countries and citations to book references where articles about the dolls can be found.

But not bad, not bad at all...I even put photographs from the Mery Miller Doll Museum in Brunswick...sets of dolls so like my own.

And I DO have quite a library now...