Diary October 6, 2001

I really bounced back Tuesday, when I was invited to the Management meeting and then had a session with the librarians over the goals and objectives that went well. Lunch and supper at WH and Red Lobster with Diane helped too. So…the effect is my self esteem is still tied to what others do, how they treat me. Not good.

Got Worthen's Queen City book on the history of the pharmacy school at Cincinnati…a model now, and even a publisher.

So…go for it.

Just got to back off the dolls.

Wednesday got my teeth cleaned, found out CORE had not paid Scannel so I really may not owe all that money, and had a great day with Eden and the kids. Lunch in Decatur with Lee…he told about the WWII letters his father wrote to his grandmother..how to preserve them….The in the afternoon, chess, homework a lot of TV, the foreign dolls…with Jay and Marti. Wednesday was indeed a great day.

Still at it however on Ebay and the foreign dolls..getting deeper and deeper when I should instead be pulling out.