Diary October 2,2001

I was depressed yesterday, really feeling bad. I did get the SWOTS related to the goals and will be able to present them at the meeting tomorrow for the librarians. I will also be telling them how we will benchmark, that we will all be involved.

I need to get information about meetings they will be attending and will simply pass a sheet and see if they will fill it in.

At the end of the time on the desk I gave up actually working and started playing with Tripod again the doll pages again. Depressing now, I know it is moving me away from reality.

Diane and I went to supper at WH and she was very happy. Good stuff happening. Matthews has asked her to make a presentation at the faculty meeting.

She is getting excited about getting her degree, being legit, getting faculty status with the pharamcy school....

While I am feeling just the opposite.

Our articles came out in Strom's little newsletter.

I sort of got back serious about what I was eating

morning cranberry juice lunch..cafeteria...milk, carrots, green beans, mashed potatoes...a coke in the middle of the day...then for supper at WH a grilled chicken salad with ranch dressing and more milk.

Better, certainly...better...still no exercise.

There were more dolls in the mail....Korea, Russia (both very large), Morroco and Chile.

So....four different areas....

October 2,2001

Dear Phoebe,

The weather has been lovely. Fall is so nice. Soon the trees will turn there around the river. We should take a long walk by the river and look at the trees, take some photographs, really enjoy nature. We should have done more of this kind of thing.

I hope you are feeling better. I know you were not feeling very good when I was there two weeks ago.

I need to clean up. I gather as much stuff as you do, it is all around, and depresses me.

I hope Juanita has been coming every week. I have sent her the money.

Much love

Your mother, Elizabeth